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I've been looking everywhere for a complete SEO script like this one. There isn't anything out there like it. It's fast and works perfectly. The coders have an awesome-sauce support system too. - Renae J.

About Scriptalicious

Scriptalicious is a small and devoted team of Web professionals based in the U.S.

Since 2006 our mission has been to build powerful and easy-to-use website scripts for website owners and SEO firms.

We develop every one of our website scripts from scratch, and our products are never resold. In a world overflowing with clone scripts and poor coding standards, we strive to stand out with totally unique scripts and code that just works.

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Our Services

Scriptalicious can help with nearly any custom coding or design job for your website.

We also offer fast, professional installations for our website scripts and top quality custom content development services.

If you need help customizing your website, developing a custom app or designing your next killer website, drop us a line. Our experienced development team will review your request and provide a quick, free quote.

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This script is loaded with SEO tools. It also has an admin backend with options and different themes available. Nothing comes close to it in SEO scripts. - Michael C.

77 powerful SEO scripts for under $100.

Real-time Backlink Rank Checker script.

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