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2013 New Year Mega Sale

Posted 2012-12-30 in Coupons

Scriptalicious is ringing in the New Year with five mega deals you won't want to miss! Save up to 50% on Scriptalicious website scripts and services for the next five days only. Redeem any of the following five discount coupon codes at...

AJAX Rank Checker 1.4 Released

Posted 2012-11-15 in News

Scriptalicious just released AJAX Rank Checker version 1.4. This update fixes some important issues with AJAX Rank Checker and we strongly recommend that you upgrade as soon as possible. Due to many changes in data...

10 Ways to Improve Your SEO Scripts Website

Posted 2012-09-30 in Guides

You have an SEO Scripts powered website. You've covered all the basics. But now you want to really optimize your site for the best performance in search engines and to bring as many visitors as you can. What's the next step? This article...

Autumn Sale - Save 20% on all SEO scripts and services

Posted 2012-09-23 in Coupons

Well folks, autumn is finally here! Otherwise known as the Autumnal Equinox, Saturday the 22nd marked the first day of the fall season. We're celebrating the start of a great new season with a great new discount! For the rest of September, we'll...

Keyword Rank Checker 1.3 Released

Posted 2012-09-03 in News

Scriptalicious just released Keyword Rank Checker 1.3. This update adds Bing search results to the Keyword Rank Checker tool, and it's a quick and easy update for existing users. Keyword Rank Checker 1.3 adds the following features: ...

Custom PageRank Images for PageRank Script

Posted 2012-08-25 in Guides

One of our most popular tools has long been the PageRank Display Tool included with PageRank Script. The PageRank Display tool lets anyone display the PR of their website using a variety of different graphics included with the script. But what if...

25 New PageRank Images for PageRank Script

Posted 2012-08-25 in News

Scriptalicious has just released a new PageRank Image Pack with 25 new images for your PageRank Display Tool! The PageRank Image Pack installs in minutes on your PageRank Script website. This new image pack includes 25 ready-to-use graphics that...

Building a Keyword List with Keyword Suggestion Tool

Posted 2012-08-01 in News

One of the common problems faced by website owners is finding and building a solid keyword list. There are many ways to build on your list of keywords; some better than others. This article will show you how to use the Keyword Suggestion Generator...

Website Rank Checker 1.3 Released

Posted 2012-08-01 in News

Scriptalicious just released Website Rank Checker 1.3. This release updates the script to work with recent Alexa changes. Updating is highly recommended to ensure that your rank checker tools are still working. Website Rank Checker 1.3 adds the...

Using SEO Tools in a Popup, Lightbox or IFRAME

Posted 2012-07-21 in Guides

Have you ever wanted to add tools from SEO Scripts to a popup window or another web page? This guide shows you how to add SEO tools from your SEO Scripts powered website to an IFRAME, popup window or even a fancy lightbox modal window. In this...




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