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SEO Tips for SEO Scripts

Posted 2009-06-18 in Guides

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This post offers essential advice on optimizing your new SEO Scripts website for search engines. By changing a few settings, adding some content, and customizing details your chances of high ranking can be improved.

Basic Settings

The first thing to check are the basic settings in admin like site title and description. You can find these under Site Config in the Settings menu. Take a few minutes to define the site title, welcome message, keywords, and description.

SEO Scripts is very search engine friendly by default, so most of the stuff like URL formats is already taken care of. We can take advantage of this so you don't need to worry about URL formatting unless you want to. Unless you know what you're doing, it's best to leave URL formats at the default settings. These are mainly for advanced users and will be covered later on.

Changing Site Pages

Adding and changing pages is the first thing you should do to customize the content on your site. Site Pages can be edited in admin under Edit Pages. By default, SEO Scripts has a few pages set up for you.

Edit the About page to match the theme and description of your site, instead of using the defalt text. You can also change the content of the Contact page to add your own message. The contact page uses a script located in the content folder to create and handle the form, and your page contents are displayed above it.

Now you can add some of your own pages. It helps to expand your site's content and give visitors more resources to explore. For example, SEO articles, guides, and tips would be very useful for visitors doing SEO research.

Customizing Tools & Categories

When you install SEO Scripts it has the same tool titles & descriptions as every other default installation. If you want to get serious with search optimization on your site, you can edit the titles, descriptions and even the URLs of every tool and category on your site. Tool settings are located under SEO Scripts > Edit Tools in Admin CP.

For Pro users, you'll have 11 categories and 77 tools to tackle! If you have limited time, break it up by doing the titles and URLs, then coming back to tweak the descriptions. This is a prime opportunity to expand the content for each tool and build up a massive resource for search robots to suck up and visitors to explore. The potential with some research and content building is huge.

That's all for now, but we'll cover more tips on theme customization, advanced SEO settings, and working with menus next time.




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