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Wordpress Integration for SEO Scripts

Posted 2011-07-12 in Guides

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Do you want to integrate SEO Scripts with your Wordpress blog?

This article provides step-by-step instructions and the files you need to integrate Scriptalicious SEO Scripts & SEO Scripts Pro with your Wordpress blog.

SEO Scripts Wordpress integration requires experience with HTML & CSS!

Scriptalicious provides professional Wordpress integration services, but if you have the proper experience and time you can do it yourself.

After completing this tutorial, SEO Scripts will be fully integrated with the theme of your Wordpress blog. You can now have a dedicated SEO Tools section on your blog, and users will never have to navigate away. Wordpress files will not be changed, except to add a link to the SEO tools where you desire.

Please note, if you are not using our professional WP integration service, Scriptalicious may not be able to support all customizations. However support for SEO Scripts will be unaffected and we always welcome your questions. In other words, this won't "void your warranty".


Wordpress integration will require the following:

  1. SEO Scripts or SEO Scripts Pro license
  2. Wordpress version 3+
  3. An FTP Client (like Filezilla)
  4. A ZIP utility (like 7-Zip)
  5. Knowledge of HTML and CSS for final theme customizations & tweaks

Let's get started!

1. Install SEO Scripts

First, you need to install SEO Scripts in a subfolder of your blog.

For example, if your blog's URL is:


Then you can install the scripts in a folder called "tools" and access SEO Scripts from the URL:


Follow the typical installation found in the SEO Scripts User Manual.

If you are moving SEO Scripts from a different folder, make sure you update the Site URL in the Admin CP under Site Config.

2. Install Wordpress Integration Files

You can download the files you need for integration from the Member's Area under Downloads.

Wordpress Integration Files includes the PHP files and custom theme required for integration.

Unzip the file SEOScriptsWP.zip to a temporary location on your computer (eg. the desktop).

You should now have a folder called slseo-wp. Using your FTP client, upload the contents of this folder directly to the folder you have installed SEO Scripts. Note that you do not want to upload the folder itself, but the files contained in this folder.

Once all the files are uploaded to your site, the required PHP code will automatically be loaded by SEO Scripts.

3. Active the New Theme

Now, log in to SEO Scripts Admin CP and go to Site Config in the Settings menu.

Change the Active Theme under the Theme Settings section to seo-wp.

Click Save Configuration to save the settings.

Now your site is configured to use your Wordpress theme!

You can load up your SEO Scripts site to see how things look (click View Site under the logo in Admin CP or just type the URL in your browser). If you're lucky, it'll look great. Most likely, you will need to tweak the SEO Scripts theme to suit your particular theme.

The final step will give some pointers to customize your SEO Scripts theme as necessary.

4. Customize the SEO Scripts Wordpress Theme

The final, and most challenging step is to tweak your SEO Scripts Wordpress theme to fit the Wordpress theme properly.

In some cases, you might be finished! If your SEO tools already look great and work nicely with your Wordpress theme, you can do any final tweaks and you are finished.

The new template files can be edited in /tpl/seo-wp/.

It can be helpful to "view source" for your SEO Scripts site to see how it is being rendered. As you might notice, the HEAD is dynamically merged with the SEO Scripts theme, so that styles and external files are included for Wordpress and SEO Scripts. The SEO Scripts User Manual also explains some more about editing SEO Scripts themes.

Usually, the two main files to check are:


This is the main layout file for SEO Scripts theme. It has the dynamic code for the Wordpress header, footer, and sidebar. It also defines the main layout structure of the SEO Scripts theme which might need to be modified to suit your particular theme.

- This is the dynamic code for the WP header HTML

- This is your Wordpress main sidebar. You can remove this if desired.

- This is the dynamic code for the WP header HTML


This is the main stylesheet for SEO Scripts. You can change the styles for the body tag to match your font, or remove the body tag entirely, because this is already defined by Wordpress stylesheets.

The overall width is set by #kdoc, and may require adjustment.

.body-nav defines the styles for the SEO Scripts navigation elements.

With some time and patience, you should be able to adjust and tweak the theme as necessary to fit your Wordpress theme.

Once you're finished, make sure you save the edited files, and then continue to the last step!

5. Add a Link on Your Blog

The final step is just adding a link to your SEO tools from your blog. You can edit your Wordpress theme or use Wordpress admin, whatever your preference is. You just need to add a link to your SEO Scripts installation somewhere in your navigation.

Once added to your blog's navigation menu, SEO Scripts is completely integrated with your blog!

Any changes to your Wordpress theme should automatically change your SEO Scripts layout. It is always best to check your site after updates to Wordpress source code or themes to make sure you don't need to update anything.

Congratulations, you're finished!

If you would like our staff to professionally integrate SEO Scripts for you, including full support for your custom integration, check out our Wordpress Integration services.

We hope this article helps you make the most of your SEO tools, and welcome your feedback, experiences or ideas here in our comments.




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