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Add Google+ Search to Your Website

Posted 2011-08-13 in Webmaster

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Add Google+ Search to your website easily with these instructions.

The Google+ project has grown rapidly since it was announced. Even though it is currently in beta, many Webmasters are looking for ways to implement Google+ on their Web sites.

Google+ search lets users search the Google+ social network and online sharing service from any site.

Adding the Google+ Search Form to Your Website

To add a Google+ search form to your site, we will use Google Custom Search with a few tweaks.

Load up Google Custom Search and enter a name, description and language for your search engine.

Under "Sites to search", enter the following:


This instruction will restrict our search to the Google+ subdomain and all subpages.

Click Next to test and customize your search form. Now finish up the custom search process and Get Code to add the code to your website.

Google+ Search Form With AdSense

If you are a publisher using AdSense, you can also implement Google+ search using Google Custom Search from your AdSense account!

Just log in to Google AdSense, and navigate to My Ads. In the left column, click on Search > Custom search engines.

Now click New custom search engine at the top of the page. On the Create new custom search engine form, select Only sites I select under What to search.

In the Only sites I select field, enter a single line:


Now you can configure your search as desired, and when you add the code to your website it will be linked to your AdSense account.




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