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SEO Scripts: What do you want?

Posted 2012-01-31 in News

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Just a few days ago, we released SEO Scripts 2.0.6. The new version updates our tools to work with many recent changes in search engines, but now we're looking forward. What kind of features would you like to see?

As we look ahead to our next release, our goal is to expand on our existing powerful tools with new features, enhancements, and more SEO tools that really help you and your users.

So, we're reaching out and asking: What do you want?

Here are some of the features that have been requested, and which are at the top of the list, so to speak:

  1. Caching, to improve speed and minimize the number of requests
  2. A built-in blog, to foster new content and build subscribers
  3. Member management, to allow member authentication and subscription management for your users
  4. More social tools, like Facebook page Like tracking, to further integrate with the social Web

Is there a particular feature or tool that you'd love to see? Please, let us know!




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