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SEO Scripts 2.0.7 Released

Posted 2012-06-10 in News

Scriptalicious Blog

Scriptalicious has just released SEO Scripts 2.0.7. This update includes important fix for search engine position tools, and it is recommended that all users update.

Download the latest version from the Member's Area under Downloads. New users of SEO Scripts will get the latest version. For existing users, download "SEO Scripts 2.0.7 - Changed Files Only", and upload the contents of the "upload" folder to your server, overwriting existing files. Then you must run the upgrade script found in the install directory on your site. See the included readme.txt for important instructions on upgrading.

SEO Scripts 2.0.7 includes the following changes:

  • Fixed: Search Engine Position Checker tools - resolved problems with Google obfuscated URLs
  • Fixed: Resolved issues with deep Google positions
  • Update: Tidied up old links in the admin sidebar

As with all updates, we strongly recommend backing up your website files before making any changes. This update should not affect any customizations to your site configuration or layout.

If you have questions or feedback on this release, please let us know.




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