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25 New PageRank Images for PageRank Script

Posted 2012-08-25 in News

Scriptalicious Blog

Scriptalicious has just released a new PageRank Image Pack with 25 new images for your PageRank Display Tool!

The PageRank Image Pack installs in minutes on your PageRank Script website. This new image pack includes 25 ready-to-use graphics that work with PageRank Script to give your users even more graphics to choose from when they use your PageRank display code on their website.

Check out the new image pack to see all 25 slick new graphics and place your order.

The PageRank Display tool that comes with PageRank Script is a very popular tool for our users. The PageRank Display Tool lets you offer free codes that your visitors can place on their website to display their PageRank. It's a great way to build backlinks and a very popular tool for webmasters.

We know that many users are also curious about creating their own image packs - so we wrote up a guide on making your own PageRank Display images! If you are savvy with Photoshop and have some ideas of your own, this is a great, free way to improve your PageRank Script website.




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