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Building a Keyword List with Keyword Suggestion Tool

Posted 2012-08-01 in News

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One of the common problems faced by website owners is finding and building a solid keyword list. There are many ways to build on your list of keywords; some better than others. This article will show you how to use the Keyword Suggestion Generator tool included with SEO Scripts Pro to build a comprehensive list of keywords and expand on your current list of keywords.

Whether you are developing a keyword list for PPC advertising, or to consolidate target keywords for your SEO marketing efforts, having a solid list of keywords can help your search marketing efforts and help provide clarity to your overall marketing objectives.

You can follow along with the Keyword Suggestion Generator tool on our demo site.

The keyword suggestion tool is pretty straightforward to use, but with a bit of extra work you can really kick off a serious list of keywords. Essentially, the tool works by accepting a single primary keyword, then extracting keyword suggestions from multiple sources. The tool then presents all the suggestions in a nice clean text list, plus a list that combines all the keywords from each source.

Normally, you might load up the keyword tool and just punch in your primary keyword, copy the results, and move on. But we're going to suggest a few other tricks to make the most of the keyword suggestion tool.

Let's say we have a website that sells tools - real tools - you know, hammers, saws, and all that jazz. Wouldn't it be nice to rank #1 in Google for the keyword "tools"? Well, sorry to burst your bubble but it's probably not gonna happen. At least not right away. Competition for these kind of keywords is just insane.

But, there are still plenty of keywords out there that are fair game. The keyword "tools" is a good starting point. So let's fire up the keyword tool and stick the keyword "tools" in there.

Once we enter our primary keyword, we're going to see a whole slew of keywords from Google, Wordtracker, and Yahoo that are prime candidates for adding to our list. However, some of the suggestions aren't going to be very helpful. This is an excellent starting point though.

Probably the easiest thing to do (if you don't already have a text list), is to copy & paste all of the keywords from the "Combined List" into a text file on your computer. Then take a few minutes to go through the list and remove all the keywords that aren't relevant. For example, the suggestion tool recommends "webmaster tools" and some other keywords that don't apply to real, physical tools. Delete these.

Now, you should have a nice list of targeted keywords that would make an excellent starting point for your SEO work. But this is where the keyword generator tool starts to get really useful! Instead of stopping now, take your new, cleaned up list, and enter the best of these terms into the keyword tool again. Now you're getting variations on variations of your primary keyword. If you continue this process with all of the best keywords from your first list, you should end up with a very nice collection after just a few iterations.

If you are willing to put a little hard work and time into your list, you're going to find all kinds of invaluable keywords to pursue in your SEO efforts. With a simple, powerful tool like the keyword suggestion generator, you can go from just a handful of keywords to a truly expansive list.

Best of luck with your SEO, and hopefully this article helps show you how to use the keyword suggestion tool effectively to build on your keyword lists.




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