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Custom PageRank Images for PageRank Script

Posted 2012-08-25 in Guides

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One of our most popular tools has long been the PageRank Display Tool included with PageRank Script. The PageRank Display tool lets anyone display the PR of their website using a variety of different graphics included with the script. But what if you want to create some new graphics for your users to select from? This guide explains the process - and it's remarkably easy to do.

By default, PageRank Script includes ten different graphics that users can select from. We also just released an additional pack of ten PageRank images that can be quickly and easily added to a PageRank Script website. But you can easily create your own PageRank images too.

Step One: Design Your Graphics

The graphics used by PageRank display tool must be in the GIF format. There are 11 different images, one for each PageRank from 0-10. Typically, each image is identical except for the actual number that shows the PageRank itself. However, some images also have a progress bar or other indicator that livens them up a bit.

For example, the default PageRank images look like this:

But, there's no reason to stay with the standard format. Another image option included with PageRank Script looks like this:

Once you understand how the images look, you can fire up Photoshop or your favorite image editor, and create your very own design.

Once you have a design that you like, you will need to make 11 different versions. One for each possible PageRank from 0 to 10. When you are happy with the images you have created, it's time to format them for the Web and package them up.

Step Two: Preparing Your Images

The next step is to generate 11 different GIF image files that can be used on your PageRank Script website.

The naming of these files is important. Each file is named prX.gif, where X is the PageRank number. There should be 11 images total, from 0 to 11:

pr0.gif, pr1.gif, pr2.gif, pr3.gif, pr4.gif, etc.

Now, create a unique folder name to identify your image style. There should be no spaces or special characters, but underlines and dashes are OK. For example: myimages, fancygoogle, etc. would be acceptable names. Once you have created a folder with your unique style name, copy all the GIF images into the new folder.

Step Three: Upload and Enjoy!

Once you have your new images and have saved all of them to your unique folder name, all you need to do is upload them to your website!

All PageRank image styles are stored in the folder images/pr/ on your PageRank Script website. Upload your new folder to this location, and visit your PageRank display tool. You should automatically see all the new images you just created, and your visitors will be able to use the new image code immediately!




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