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This is our dedicated blog about scripts. This section of the Scriptalicious blog shares tips & tricks for Website scripts, talks about using turnkey scripts for the most potential on your Website, and delves into some of the coding and scripting issues that face users and turnkey script developers.
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76 Script Directories Mega List for Software Marketing

Posted 2011-08-12 in Scripts

This huge list of 76 script directories took several hours to compile, but it’s a goldmine for anyone selling online software. This is one mega list of script directories that let you submit your PHP scripts, turnkey...

Following 301 + 302 Redirects With cURL + PHP

Posted 2011-02-06 in Scripts

cURL, the PHP Client URL library, is extremely useful for handling URL requests within PHP. One of the shortcomings that I have encountered is properly dealing with 301 and 302 redirects. In this post I will share some code that checks for 301 and...

Remote Data in a Firefox Extension or Add-on

Posted 2009-04-22 in Scripts

Displaying remote data in your custom Firefox toolbar makes a lot of neat things possible. If your Firefox add-on needs to fetch some data from another URL, it can be done easily with XMLHttpRequest. Before continuing you should read more about...

vBulletin Similar Threads in PHP

Posted 2009-04-18 in Scripts

This is a completely portable PHP script that fetches similar threads from a vBulletin forum. It does not require global.php or any other vBulletin scripts to run. The script uses full score matching, and supports search engine friendly URLs made by...

Complete inserts or Extended inserts in phpMyAdmin

Posted 2009-04-12 in Scripts

I was recently using phpMyAdmin to export some records from an URL shortener I'm working on. As usual I verified that “Complete inserts” and “Extended inserts” were enabled for the SQL dump. Why? Using both of these options...

What is Web 2.0?

Posted 2009-03-06 in Scripts

Web 2.0 refers to the second and latest major phase of evolution for the World Wide Web. It encapsulates a general shift to newer, more socially and technologically evolved Websites and Web services. As Tim O'Reilly states, O'Reilly Vice...




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