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Improve CTR: Banner Placement for Best Click-Through-Rate

Posted 2009-11-18 in Webmaster

Improving your CTR is one of the best things you can do with your ads. You can earn more money for the same amount of traffic, and it's totally free to improve your CTR with some basic techniques. If you're getting paid for sending clicks with PPC...

Flippa – Sitepoint’s New Marketplace is Flippa.com

Posted 2009-06-17 in Webmaster

If you use the Sitepoint Marketplace to buy and sell online, prepare for a big change. Sitepoint is flipping things upside-down soon, and moving the marketplace to Flippa.com. Many people are saying WTF to Flippa, and with good reasons. Is this too...

25 Forums to Promote Your Directory

Posted 2009-03-25 in Webmaster

Here's a recently compiled list of 25 forums to promote your Web directory. Most of these are directory announcement forums with a few general site announcement and solicitations forums. For the serious/active directory owner you know it's...

50 Forums to Sell Your Website Scripts

Posted 2009-03-24 in Webmaster

Here's a huge list of free forums to sell your Website scripts. Make sure you register and read the rules of each forum. Perfect for selling your custom PHP apps and turnkey scripts to other Webmasters. It is very up to date since I recently...




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