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AJAX Rank Checker 1.4 Released

Posted 2012-11-15 in News

Scriptalicious just released AJAX Rank Checker version 1.4. This update fixes some important issues with AJAX Rank Checker and we strongly recommend that you upgrade as soon as possible. Due to many changes in data...

Keyword Rank Checker 1.3 Released

Posted 2012-09-03 in News

Scriptalicious just released Keyword Rank Checker 1.3. This update adds Bing search results to the Keyword Rank Checker tool, and it's a quick and easy update for existing users. Keyword Rank Checker 1.3 adds the following features: ...

SEO Scripts 2.0.8 Released

Posted 2012-07-07 in News

Scriptalicious has just released SEO Scripts 2.0.8. This version updates SEO Scripts for some recent changes in Google and Bing results, and resolves issues with the Indexed Pages Checker tools. You can download the latest version from the...

Yahoo Changes Hurt Authority Link Research

Posted 2011-06-03 in SEO

Early in 2010, Yahoo and Microsoft finalized a massive search deal. The result of that is now the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance. Quite a formidable name for a formidable force. What it really means is that Bing will now provide all the...

Bogus Bing Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

Posted 2009-12-23 in SEO

A degree of scepticism is observed in public response to the trademark infringement lawsuit filed against Microsoft by a small St. Louis design company for using the Bing name on their heavily publicized new search engine. Is this just a rally for...

What is rel=nofollow, and Should I Use It?

Posted 2009-06-09 in SEO

The nofollow tag (as it’s commonly referred to), is an HTML attribute proposed by Matt Cutts of Google and Jason Shellen of Blogger.com in 2005. It is a recommendation on behalf of search engines to add a special identifier to links that...




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