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Using CSS to Preload Images Without JavaScript

Posted 2011-08-14 in Webmaster

Preloading images on your website can help eliminate flicker and laggy hover effects on your images. For a long time Web designers have used JavaScript to preload images. This has the benefit of loading images into the browser cache in the...

Expected Identifier, String or Number

Posted 2009-04-05 in News

Internet Explorer gives the JavaScript error “Expected indentifier, string or number” when it’s expecting another variable. Firefox and Safari don’t have such a problem, but it’s easy to fix the error in your JS...

How To Display Web Browser-Like Text in Photoshop

Posted 2009-03-05 in Webmaster

If you're using Photoshop and want to see what text will actually look like in a Web browser, it's really pretty simple. Text in Photoshop is usually smoothed out, like this: Photoshop uses AntiAliasing to smooth out fonts and make them much...




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