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Using CSS to Preload Images Without JavaScript

Posted 2011-08-14 in Webmaster

Preloading images on your website can help eliminate flicker and laggy hover effects on your images. For a long time Web designers have used JavaScript to preload images. This has the benefit of loading images into the browser cache in the...

SEO Tips for SEO Scripts

Posted 2009-06-18 in Guides

This post offers essential advice on optimizing your new SEO Scripts website for search engines. By changing a few settings, adding some content, and customizing details your chances of high ranking can be improved. Basic Settings The first...

How to Use GPG to Encrypt and Decrypt Files

Posted 2009-04-17 in Guides

A good friend recently provided me with some dead-simple instructions on how to use GPG in linux so we could share a few sensitive files. I have edited them slightly and with his permission I will share them with you. To encrypt a file for...

Creating a New TinyMCE Theme for 3.x

Posted 2009-03-27 in Guides

Here are the steps I took to create a new TinyMCE theme for TinyMCE 3.x. It isn't very hard to do, but the documentation is extremely out of date. You can tweak these all you want, but if you want to make a custom TinyMCE theme there isn't much...




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