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76 Script Directories Mega List for Software Marketing

Posted 2011-08-12 in Scripts

This huge list of 76 script directories took several hours to compile, but it’s a goldmine for anyone selling online software. This is one mega list of script directories that let you submit your PHP scripts, turnkey...

The First Spreadsheet

Posted 2011-02-17 in Webmaster

Just a little nerdy humor for you today. :)

SEO Tips for SEO Scripts

Posted 2009-06-18 in Guides

This post offers essential advice on optimizing your new SEO Scripts website for search engines. By changing a few settings, adding some content, and customizing details your chances of high ranking can be improved. Basic Settings The first...

Using Free Software in Commercial Products

Posted 2009-04-25 in Webmaster

There are thousands of free PHP scripts to speed up development. Established PHP frameworks and JavaScript libraries abound. It's expensive to reinvent the wheel, and pointless besides. But when is it legal to use free code in your commercial apps,...

vBulletin Similar Threads in PHP

Posted 2009-04-18 in Scripts

This is a completely portable PHP script that fetches similar threads from a vBulletin forum. It does not require global.php or any other vBulletin scripts to run. The script uses full score matching, and supports search engine friendly URLs made by...

50 Forums to Sell Your Website Scripts

Posted 2009-03-24 in Webmaster

Here's a huge list of free forums to sell your Website scripts. Make sure you register and read the rules of each forum. Perfect for selling your custom PHP apps and turnkey scripts to other Webmasters. It is very up to date since I recently...




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