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10 Ways to Improve Your SEO Scripts Website

Posted 2012-09-30 in Guides

You have an SEO Scripts powered website. You've covered all the basics. But now you want to really optimize your site for the best performance in search engines and to bring as many visitors as you can. What's the next step? This article...

Keyword Rank Checker 1.3 Released

Posted 2012-09-03 in News

Scriptalicious just released Keyword Rank Checker 1.3. This update adds Bing search results to the Keyword Rank Checker tool, and it's a quick and easy update for existing users. Keyword Rank Checker 1.3 adds the following features: ...

25 New PageRank Images for PageRank Script

Posted 2012-08-25 in News

Scriptalicious has just released a new PageRank Image Pack with 25 new images for your PageRank Display Tool! The PageRank Image Pack installs in minutes on your PageRank Script website. This new image pack includes 25 ready-to-use graphics that...

Building a Keyword List with Keyword Suggestion Tool

Posted 2012-08-01 in News

One of the common problems faced by website owners is finding and building a solid keyword list. There are many ways to build on your list of keywords; some better than others. This article will show you how to use the Keyword Suggestion Generator...

SEO Scripts 2.0.9 Released

Posted 2012-07-18 in News

Scriptalicious just released SEO Scripts 2.0.9. This version updates SEO Scripts for some changes affecting the Twitter links tool, Digg tool and authority link tools. You can download the latest version from the Member's Area under Downloads....

SEO Scripts 2.0.8 Released

Posted 2012-07-07 in News

Scriptalicious has just released SEO Scripts 2.0.8. This version updates SEO Scripts for some recent changes in Google and Bing results, and resolves issues with the Indexed Pages Checker tools. You can download the latest version from the...

SEO Scripts 2.0.7 Released

Posted 2012-06-10 in News

Scriptalicious has just released SEO Scripts 2.0.7. This update includes important fix for search engine position tools, and it is recommended that all users update. Download the latest version from the Member's Area under Downloads. New users...

SEO Scripts: What do you want?

Posted 2012-01-31 in News

Just a few days ago, we released SEO Scripts 2.0.6. The new version updates our tools to work with many recent changes in search engines, but now we're looking forward. What kind of features would you like to see? As we look ahead to our next...

SEO Scripts 2.0.6 Released

Posted 2012-01-27 in News

Scriptalicious has just released SEO Scripts 2.0.6. This update includes several important fixes, and it is recommended that all users update immediately. SEO Scripts 2.0.6 fixes several tools that have been affected by recent changes in search...

Website Rank Checker 1.2 Released

Posted 2011-12-29 in News

Scriptalicious has just released Website Rank Checker 1.2. This release fixes problems some users are having with retrieving Alexa ranking, and also includes some minor speed improvements to Alexa rank checking functionality. We recommend all users...

New www Redirect Generator Tool

Posted 2011-02-20 in News

A while back we blogged about redirecting visitors from www to non-www versions of a domain (and vice-versa). Now we have a tool that quickly generates the required .htaccess code for you! The www Redirect Generator makes it easy to generate the...

3 New Tools for Website Content

Posted 2011-02-18 in News

We just added three new tools to our Website Tools section here on Scriptalicious. These three simple but useful seo tools are intended to help content writers and anyone writing articles or text for their website. The Word Count Tool...

New Website Tools Added to Webmaster Tools

Posted 2010-09-15 in News

Three free new website tools were recently added to Scriptalicious Webmaster tools. Strip HTML Tags Tool Convert Timestamp to Date Tool Convert Date to Timestamp Tool These are simple website utility tools, but...

Free PageRank Tools Added to Scriptalicious

Posted 2010-09-09 in News

We just added five new PageRank tools to our Webmaster Tools section here on Scriptalicious! These are the same tools found in our PageRank checker script, now available to use free along with the rest of our SEO toolkit. The new PageRank tools...

Free Webmaster Tools From Scriptalicious

Posted 2010-09-07 in News

We just added a brand new Webmaster Tools section to our website. Scriptalicious Webmaster Tools is dedicated to one thing: awesome tools for Webmasters. You'll be able to find all the best website ranking tools, SEO tools and other great...




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