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Glossy+ - Free Google+ Plus One Icons Set

Posted 2011-08-13 in Webmaster

Glossy+ is a completely free Google+ Plus One icon set from Scriptalicious! These icons are transparent PNG icons designed for a light background. Feel free to use these Google+ plus one icons on your website, theme designs, Web apps and...

Valentine's Day Facebook Contest Winner Announced

Posted 2011-02-15 in News

We want to thank everyone who participated in our Valentine's Day Facebook Contest. The winner of one SEO Scripts Pro license has been announced! We finished our drawing today, complete with photographic evidence, and with some help from our...

Win SEO Scripts Pro in our Valentine's Day Facebook Contest!

Posted 2011-02-14 in News

Happy Valentine's Day everybody! We're giving away one free copy of SEO Scripts Pro to one lucky winner - a $99 value!It's easy to enter:1) Go to our Facebook page and "Like"...

How to Ban an IP Address With .htaccess

Posted 2010-02-17 in Webmaster

Once in a while you might run into a suspicious IP address accessing your website. Maybe it's doing something funny like probing for vulnerabilities, or just spamming the heck out of your server. Being a responsible webmaster, you decide to...

Bogus Bing Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

Posted 2009-12-23 in SEO

A degree of scepticism is observed in public response to the trademark infringement lawsuit filed against Microsoft by a small St. Louis design company for using the Bing name on their heavily publicized new search engine. Is this just a rally for...

8 Tests for Trademark Infringement

Posted 2009-12-23 in Webmaster

When is it okay to use a trademark on your website? Is your logo or product too much like the competitor's? When do you risk being shut down and possibly taken to court, even being sued for extensive damages? Combined with some common sense and...

Webmaster Forums List

Posted 2009-12-04 in Webmaster

Here’s a comprehensive, recently updated list of good Webmaster forums to check out. Currently 46 active Webmaster related forums for discussing Web design, coding, online business, development, online marketing, and other stuff that...

Improve CTR: Banner Placement for Best Click-Through-Rate

Posted 2009-11-18 in Webmaster

Improving your CTR is one of the best things you can do with your ads. You can earn more money for the same amount of traffic, and it's totally free to improve your CTR with some basic techniques. If you're getting paid for sending clicks with PPC...

Flippa – Sitepoint’s New Marketplace is Flippa.com

Posted 2009-06-17 in Webmaster

If you use the Sitepoint Marketplace to buy and sell online, prepare for a big change. Sitepoint is flipping things upside-down soon, and moving the marketplace to Flippa.com. Many people are saying WTF to Flippa, and with good reasons. Is this too...

Redirecting www to non-www Using .htaccess

Posted 2009-04-24 in SEO

The Apache Web server supports URL rewriting with the mod_rewrite engine. Placing custom rules in an .htaccess file lets you do all sorts of useful things to keep your URLs tidy. One really handy thing you can do for search engines and visitors is...

10 Digital Products to Sell Online

Posted 2009-03-26 in Webmaster

If you want to make money online with digital goods, you need something that sells. Here are ten good digital product ideas to help you get started. You still need to do the work, but with this list of ten digital product ideas you're sure to...

25 Forums to Promote Your Directory

Posted 2009-03-25 in Webmaster

Here's a recently compiled list of 25 forums to promote your Web directory. Most of these are directory announcement forums with a few general site announcement and solicitations forums. For the serious/active directory owner you know it's...

What is a Webmaster?

Posted 2009-03-19 in Webmaster

Exactly what is a Webmaster? This term is quite popular for anyone slinging Websites or online ads, but does that make somebody a Webmaster? I think the term has been liberated over the years, but is still adapting and in some cases struggles...




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