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10 Ways to Improve Your SEO Scripts Website

Posted 2012-09-30 in Guides

You have an SEO Scripts powered website. You've covered all the basics. But now you want to really optimize your site for the best performance in search engines and to bring as many visitors as you can. What's the next step? This article...

Website Rank Checker 1.3 Released

Posted 2012-08-01 in News

Scriptalicious just released Website Rank Checker 1.3. This release updates the script to work with recent Alexa changes. Updating is highly recommended to ensure that your rank checker tools are still working. Website Rank Checker 1.3 adds the...

Website Rank Checker 1.2 Released

Posted 2011-12-29 in News

Scriptalicious has just released Website Rank Checker 1.2. This release fixes problems some users are having with retrieving Alexa ranking, and also includes some minor speed improvements to Alexa rank checking functionality. We recommend all users...

76 Script Directories Mega List for Software Marketing

Posted 2011-08-12 in Scripts

This huge list of 76 script directories took several hours to compile, but it’s a goldmine for anyone selling online software. This is one mega list of script directories that let you submit your PHP scripts, turnkey...

3 New Tools for Website Content

Posted 2011-02-18 in News

We just added three new tools to our Website Tools section here on Scriptalicious. These three simple but useful seo tools are intended to help content writers and anyone writing articles or text for their website. The Word Count Tool...

Naming Your Website, Domain Name or Business

Posted 2006-11-26 in Webmaster

Anyone who has ever registered a domain, named a product or business, or otherwise had to come up with a suitable, catchy name for something, knows how hard it can be to find a unique and catchy name. Some names have almost...




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