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Remote Data in a Firefox Extension or Add-on

Posted 2009-04-22 in Scripts

Displaying remote data in your custom Firefox toolbar makes a lot of neat things possible. If your Firefox add-on needs to fetch some data from another URL, it can be done easily with XMLHttpRequest. Before continuing you should read more about...

What is XMLHttpRequest?

Posted 2009-04-21 in Webmaster

What is XMLHttpRequest? The XMLHttpRequest object enables client-server requests in JavaScript. If you're writing Ajax enabled scripts, fetching remote data in a Firefox extension, or pulling data from another URL in any JavaScript app then...

What is AJAX?

Posted 2008-08-26 in Webmaster

The question is asked time and time again, and not always clear even to those who are working with Ajax! The term Ajax is short for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It was coined in 2005 by Jesse James Garrett. Ajax is not a specific programming...




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