List Cleaner Script User Manual

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This manual contains installation, configuration and usage information for the Scriptalicious List Cleaner Script script.

  1. Installing List Cleaner Script
    1. Downloading List Cleaner Script
    2. Uploading List Cleaner Script to your server

Installing List Cleaner Script

Installing the script requires a PHP 4/5 enabled server. Basic knowledge of FTP and an FTP client are required to install the software on your web server.

Downloading List Cleaner Script

Once you have successfully purchased the script, you will receive an email containing download instructions. Follow those instructions to download the latest version to your computer in .ZIP format. Unzip the file on your desktop or somewhere easy to remember.

Uploading List Cleaner Script to your server

Using your favorite FTP client, upload the contents of the new folder you to your Web server. Make sure you upload all files to the folder you want the site to run on. Usually this will be `public_html` or `htdocs`, but you can also upload the files to a subfolder or subdomain on your site.

Once all of your files have been uploaded, head to in your favorite browser and your site should be up and running!

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