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Installing SEO Scripts & SEO Scripts Pro


SEO Scripts has the following server requirements. These are all fairly standard on a modern webserver.

  • PHP 4/5
  • MySQL
  • Apache w/ mod_rewrite, CURL, and GD support

Basic knowledge of FTP and an FTP client will be needed to upload the software to your server.

Note: There is no upgrade option for SEO Scripts 2.0 from 1.x sites. It is a full rewrite.

Installation Instructions

1. Download SEO Scripts

Once you have successfully purchased SEO Scripts, you will receive an email containing download instructions. Follow those instructions to download the latest version of SEO Scripts to your computer in .ZIP format. Unzip the file on your desktop or somewhere easy to remember. You should now have a folder named SEO Scripts-1.x.zip (where `1.x` is the version number).

2. Upload to Your Server

Using your favorite FTP client, upload the contents of the new folder to your Web server. Make sure you upload all files to the folder you want the site to run on. Usually this will be `public_html` or `htdocs`, but you can also upload the files to a subfolder or subdomain on your site.

3. Run the Installer

Once all of your files have been uploaded, you must run the install script to complete installation. Load up your favorite browser and head to:


Make sure you replace `www.yourdomain.com` with the URL where you have uploaded SEO Scripts.

The installer will guide you through the rest of the process. Make sure you delete the `install` folder when complete.


For additional help, read the SEO Scripts FAQ. You can also check the SEO Scripts Forums for issues related to yours.

For technical problems, bug reports and additional support please visit the Support Center. To discuss SEO Scripts or find additional help please visit the Scriptalicious Forums.

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