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Can I use custom buttons for PageRank Script display tool?

Posted 2011-09-07 in FAQs

You can easily add your own PageRank images to Scriptalicious PageRank Script.

PageRank Script comes with ten default free PageRank images for the PageRank Display Tool.

If you want to add your own custom PageRank buttons it's very easy.

Each button style has its own folder containing all of the button images. To add your own button style, you just need to create a new folder and populate it with your own images.

Step 1. Create a unique name

Create a folder on your computer with a unique, short name to identify your button style. The name shouldn't have any spaces or special characters (alphanumeric only). For example "MyButtons".

Step 2: Add button images

Each button style requires 11 different PageRank images. There are 11 different buttons named pr0.gif, pr1.gif, and so on up to pr10.gif. Add these images to the folder you just created.

Step 3. Upload new PageRank images

Now you can upload the entire folder you created to your website. Use your FTP client to upload the new folder to:


Once you add the folder containing your new PageRank images, it will be automatically included on your website.

Step 4. Test it!

Now, you can load up your website and check the PageRank display tool. If you did it correctly, your new button style will be included with all the others.


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