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How do I transfer SEO Scripts to a new server?

Posted 2011-04-24 in SEO Scripts FAQ

Transferring SEO Scripts to a new server is basically the same as with any site. You must backup the database and files, and restore them on the new server.

In order to backup and transfer to a new server, the basic steps are as follows:

1. Record DB Logins

Database login details are stored in `/inc/sql_config.php`. You may want to note these so you setup the new database with the same details.

2. Back up the Database

Your cPanel/Plesk hosting control panel software usually has a way to backup databases. You can also use phpMyAdmin if available to create an SQL backup. If neither of these options are available, you can check with your host for details.

If you prefer to use command line on a unix/linux server, login via SSH and issue the following command:
mysqldump --add-drop-table databasename > databasename.sql
Where databasename is the full name of your database. This command will dump the full contents of the database to the file databasename.sql.

3. Back up Files

Your hosting control panel software often has a feature to backup files. The other option is simply to log in with FTP and download all the files to your PC. Just log in using your favorite FTP client, and download all files from your public html folder to a folder on your PC.

4. Create New Database

Use your new server's control panel software to set up the new database. It is recommended to use the same database name and login info you are currently using (found in your sql_config.php file).

5. Transfer/Restore Database

Using your server's control panel software, you can now restore the database backup you previously made.

If you did a database dump via command line, you can upload the .sql file created and restore the database using the following command. Otherwise continue to step 5.

mysql databasename < databasename.sql
Where databasename is the name of the new database, and databasename.sql is the SQL file you created previously.

6. Transfer/Restore Files

If you used your server control panel software to create a backup, you will want to use the restore feature available on the new server to restore this backup.

If any database details changed (DB name, username, or password), you should first update these in the SQL configuration for SEO Scripts. Open the file /inc/sql_config.php and replace the appropriate lines with your new configuration. Save and close.

Otherwise, using your favorite FTP client, log in to the new server and upload all the files download from step 2 to the server. Place the in the same folder as originally used. Assuming your site is installed in the base folder of a domain (e.g. example.com instead of example.com/tools/), this is usually "public_html" or "wwwdocs" or something similar.

Once all files are uploaded and the database is restored, your site should be up and running again on the new server!

Remember, if your database login or DB name changed, you will need to update /inc/sql_config.php to reflect the new login information.

That's it!

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