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URLs don't work when I pass a parameter

Posted 2011-04-24 in SEO Scripts FAQ

You might have run into a problem trying to use URL parameters like this:


The tool or category page no longer loads, and you don't get your parameter in the _REQUEST vars. There is a solution though.

The URL system is powerful, so it's very conservative by default. But you can edit a few lines in the SEO Scripts module configuration to change this.

Open /modules/seoscripts/config.php, and find the lines below (around line 39-40):

$kApp->registerView('seoscripts_tool',  $cfg->getVar('seoscripts_urlformat_tool'), array('m' =>  'seoscripts''v' => 'tool'), 1);
$kApp->registerView('seoscripts_cat',  $cfg->getVar('seoscripts_urlformat_cat'), array('m' =>  'seoscripts''v' => 'cat'), 1); 
Replace both of the above lines with the following:

$kApp->registerView('seoscripts_tool',  $cfg->getVar('seoscripts_urlformat_tool') . '(.*)', array('m' =>  'seoscripts''v' => 'tool'), 1);
$kApp->registerView('seoscripts_cat',  $cfg->getVar('seoscripts_urlformat_cat') . '(.*)', array('m' =>  'seoscripts''v' => 'cat'), 1); 
That should work!

Currently the URL parameters issue affects SEO Scripts 2.0 and will be revised after further testing in our first patch release.

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