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What is PageRank?

Posted 2011-04-24 in SEO FAQ

Google PageRank is a ranking system and algorithm for measuring a web page's rank in relation to the rest of the Web. It measures a webpage on a 0-10 scale (with ten being highest or best PageRank).

The specific details of how PageRank is calculated and determined aren't made completely obvious, but it is generally related to the number of high PageRank backlinks to a particular site. In other words, the more high PageRank backlinks you have, the higher your PageRank is likely to be.

PageRank is not an accurate indicator of a website's popularity.

Determined to regulate the buying and selling of PageRank through paid links and incentivized link schemes, PageRank can also be demerited or reduced through manual intervention on behalf of Google. As a result, PageRank is not an accurate indicator and can only be thought of as a general guide.

In general, a sustainably high PageRank website is almost guaranteed to be a popular site, but a website can still be favorably ranked and get a lot of traffic with very low PageRank.

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