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How do I change maximum links for Backlink Rank Checker?

Posted 2011-06-21 in FAQs

The Backlink Rank Checker Script supports up to 100 backlinks per page.
By default, the script is configured to 10 links per page but you can modify this in config.php.
To change the limit, edit the file config.php.
1. Find the following line in Section I of config.php (around line 42):
define('K_MAX_BACKLINKS', 10);
2. Change this line to the number of backlinks you want the script to scan for each page.
define('K_MAX_BACKLINKS', 100);
3. Now save your changes in...


What are .edu backlinks?

Posted 2011-04-24 in SEO FAQ

A .edu backlink is a link to a website from a domain name with the .edu extension.
When an educational institution registers a domain name they will
usually have a .edu extension. These .edu domains are often valuable
sites to have linking to you because they can carry a lot of authority
and sometimes positively influence search engine results.


What are .gov backlinks?

Posted 2011-04-24 in SEO FAQ

A .gov backlink is a hyperlink from a website with the .gov domain name extension.
.gov domains are government owned websites. They usually carry some
authority and weight and naturally can be very strong backlinks to have. Beware paying for .gov backlinks
There may be perfectly legitimate offers for .gov links, but in many
cases an SEO firm or consultant is forced to obtain .gov links using
grey hat methods, or in the worse case black hat and downright spamming
or theft. Go the...


What are backlinks?

Posted 2011-04-24 in SEO FAQ

Exactly what are backlinks? Are all links considered backlinks?

A backlink is a hyperlink to your website. It is called a backlink because it is an incoming link to your website from another domain or subdomain. Backlinks are an important term in SEO due to their influence on search engine performance. Having a lot of good backlinks from popular, high-quality and relevant websites can significantly help your positioning in search engine results.



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