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The tools stopped working or tell me I've been blocked.

Posted 2011-04-24 in SEO Scripts FAQ

You may have been temporarily banned from a search engine or website the
scripts were crawling for too many requests. The scripts are built
with request limits under Configuration > SEO Tools. Too many
simultaneous requests from your IP address can get you banned
temporarily. Usually the ban lasts from 2-6 hours, but it's important to
back off if you do get banned! The other tools should still work.


Why is Keyword Rank Checker blocking me so quickly?

Posted 2011-12-16 in FAQs

If you are using the Keyword Rank Checker and Google is banning your IP address quickly, try the following steps.
Space out your requests - instead of checking many keywords at once, try breaking it up over a few hours.
Increase the number of results returned in each request to reduce the number of requests made to Google. Edit the file class.kWebRankSimple.php, changing the following line, around line 41:
var $count = 10;
Change the above line to:
var $count = 100;
Note: Do...



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