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How do I change maximum links for Backlink Rank Checker?

Posted 2011-06-21 in FAQs

The Backlink Rank Checker Script supports up to 100 backlinks per page.
By default, the script is configured to 10 links per page but you can modify this in config.php.
To change the limit, edit the file config.php.
1. Find the following line in Section I of config.php (around line 42):
define('K_MAX_BACKLINKS', 10);
2. Change this line to the number of backlinks you want the script to scan for each page.
define('K_MAX_BACKLINKS', 100);
3. Now save your changes in...


I ordered a Professional Installation, what happens next?

Posted 2011-04-24 in FAQs

In order to complete your installation, our support team needs some information. Submit a new ticket with the following information:

Order number (e.g. SLxxxxx)
Site URL for installation
MySQL database details (hostname, username, DB name, password) OR
control panel login credentials for your server so we can set up the
database for you.
Any special instructions or questions you have

All of your information will be kept in confidence and never shared. You can...



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