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Can I use custom buttons for PageRank Script display tool?

Posted 2011-09-07 in FAQs

You can easily add your own PageRank images to Scriptalicious PageRank Script.
PageRank Script comes with ten default free PageRank images for the PageRank Display Tool.
If you want to add your own custom PageRank buttons it's very easy.
Each button style has its own folder containing all of the button images. To add your own button style, you just need to create a new folder and populate it with your own images.
Step 1. Create a unique name
Create a folder on your computer with...


How do I transfer my script license to a new owner?

Posted 2011-07-11 in FAQs

If you wish to transfer your license to a different owner, this can be done by submitting a request to our support department.
The new owner must register an account with Scriptalicious. You can register a new account here:
Please submit the following information to our support department to initiate transfer:

Your order #
The License ID (this can be found under Member's Area > Downloads)
The email address registered in...


What is a reciprocal link?

Posted 2011-04-24 in SEO FAQ

You often hear about reciprocal links in the world of websites. A
reciprocal link is a mutual link between two websites or domains. When
two websites link to each other, it's considered reciprocal, or a
two-way link. Not all links are reciprocal links.
A backlink might be referred to as a reciprocal link if you have entered
a mutual link exchange with another website and want to keep track of
or verify that the other website is linking back to you.
In general, a backlink is...


Why is Keyword Rank Checker blocking me so quickly?

Posted 2011-12-16 in FAQs

If you are using the Keyword Rank Checker and Google is banning your IP address quickly, try the following steps.
Space out your requests - instead of checking many keywords at once, try breaking it up over a few hours.
Increase the number of results returned in each request to reduce the number of requests made to Google. Edit the file class.kWebRankSimple.php, changing the following line, around line 41:
var $count = 10;
Change the above line to:
var $count = 100;
Note: Do...



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