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How do I customize the menus in SEO Scripts

Posted 2011-07-18 in SEO Scripts FAQ

Do you need to modify the navigation menus for SEO Scripts?
The default SEO Scripts theme displays three menus in the sidebar: Navigation, Categories, and Links. These menus are generated dynamically from code placed in layout_default.tpl.
Editing Menus Using Admin CP
The Navigation menu shows links to published pages. Pages in this menu can be added, published, or unpublished in Admin CP > Edit Pages.
The Categories menu lists all active tool categories. Categories can be...


How do I customize the navigation links in SEO Scripts?

Posted 2011-07-18 in SEO Scripts FAQ

Currently, the top-level navigation links in SEO Scripts are set by the following file:
If you want to change these links, edit this file and find the following lines (around line 62-63):
    $nav->add_link('Home', $cfg->getVar('site_url'));
    $nav->add_link('SEO Tools', $cfg->getVar('site_url') . $cfg->getVar('seoscripts_urlformat'));

For example, if you wish to have the Home link point to...



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