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Can I use custom buttons for PageRank Script display tool?

Posted 2011-09-07 in FAQs

You can easily add your own PageRank images to Scriptalicious PageRank Script.
PageRank Script comes with ten default free PageRank images for the PageRank Display Tool.
If you want to add your own custom PageRank buttons it's very easy.
Each button style has its own folder containing all of the button images. To add your own button style, you just need to create a new folder and populate it with your own images.
Step 1. Create a unique name
Create a folder on your computer with...


What is PageRank?

Posted 2011-04-24 in SEO FAQ

Google PageRank is a ranking system and algorithm for measuring a web
page's rank in relation to the rest of the Web. It measures a webpage on
a 0-10 scale (with ten being highest or best PageRank).
The specific details of how PageRank is calculated and determined aren't
made completely obvious, but it is generally related to the number of
high PageRank backlinks to a particular site. In other words, the more
high PageRank backlinks you have, the higher your PageRank is likely to...


Why does PageRank Checker hang when I submit an URL?

Posted 2011-12-16 in FAQs

If you have installed our PageRank Checker script, but the form hangs up whenever you submit an URL to check, this might be caused by a few things.
First, make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of PageRank Script on your server.
If you have the latest version of the script installed, check your server configuration to make sure that you have CURL installed. CURL is required to retrieve the PageRank results. If you aren't familiar with CURL, check with your server...


Why is Keyword Rank Checker blocking me so quickly?

Posted 2011-12-16 in FAQs

If you are using the Keyword Rank Checker and Google is banning your IP address quickly, try the following steps.
Space out your requests - instead of checking many keywords at once, try breaking it up over a few hours.
Increase the number of results returned in each request to reduce the number of requests made to Google. Edit the file class.kWebRankSimple.php, changing the following line, around line 41:
var $count = 10;
Change the above line to:
var $count = 100;
Note: Do...



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