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URLs don't work when I pass a parameter

Posted 2011-04-24 in SEO Scripts FAQ

You might have run into a problem trying to use URL parameters like this: http://example.com/tools/backlink-checker/?ref=123
The tool or category page no longer loads, and you don't get your parameter in the _REQUEST vars. There is a solution though.
The URL system is powerful, so it's very conservative by default. But
you can edit a few lines in the SEO Scripts module configuration to
change this.
Open /modules/seoscripts/config.php, and find the lines below (around line 39-40):...


What are search engine friendly URLs?

Posted 2011-04-24 in SEO FAQ

Search engine friendly URLs, also called friendly URLs or tidy URLs, are well-formatted URLs.

What makes a friendly URL "well-formed"? Search engine friendly URLs are human-readable, easy for search engines to interpret, use minimal dynamic URL parameters, generally contain related keywords, and should be designed to be permanent whenever possible.

Read our in-depth guide to SEO Friendly URLs, especially if you're planning on implementing search engine friendly URLs on your website.


Why is my website showing 404 Not Found for every link?

Posted 2011-04-24 in FAQs

So you just installed a script but now you're getting 404 Not Found errors on every page. This can be a common problem, but is usually easy to fix.

Some of our scripts require URL rewriting for search engine friendly URLs or "tidy URLs". There is a file called ".htaccess" that is needed for tidy URLs to work, and when it's missing or corrupt it can cause 404 Not Found errors on your site.

Check that the ".htaccess" file has been uploaded to the base folder. This file is included with your...



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