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Backlink Rank Checker Script

Backlink Rank Checker

Instantly displays PageRank and Alexa for all your backlinks!

Backlink Rank Checker Script finds all your backlinks and displays their PageRank and Alexa ranking in real time. Start your own turnkey site with this SEO tool, or install on your server for your personal use.

  • Find backlinks and view stats in one easy SEO tool
  • Checks PageRank and Alexa for all incoming links
  • Runs as a standalone tool or add to your Website/blog
  • Great for finding competitor backlinks or personal SEO research

Backlink Rank Checker Example

  • No database required
  • Installs in seconds - no configuration required!
  • Perfect turnkey SEO tool script
  • Ajax form for real time response

The Backlink Rank Checker can find all of your backlinks, and display the PageRank and Alexa rankings for up to 100 backlinks per page.

Check out the live demo to see the script in action!


Your purchase can be downloaded immediately after payment. No software will be shipped.

Backlink Rank Checker Site License
Backlink Rank Checker Site License

Run Backlink Rank Checker Script on a single domain with one full year of upgrades & support.

Backlink Rank Checker Unlimited License
Backlink Rank Checker Unlimited License

Run Backlink Rank Checker Script on unlimited domains with one full year of upgrades & support.

Branding Removal - Single Site
Branding Removal - Single Site

Remove the "Powered by..." links from a single site. Does not include Backlink Rank Checker script.


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Live Demo

  • PHP 4/5
  • CURL
  • JavaScript-enabled Browser

Download This Script Immediately After Payment

77 powerful SEO scripts for under $100.

Real-time Backlink Rank Checker script.

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