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Premium Blog Commenting Service

Build high quality backlinks and targeted visitors

  • Targeted backlinks
  • 100% manual blog commenting
  • Indexed, top ranking blogs only
  • Unmatched quality standards
  • Bots
  • SPAM
  • Automation
  • Blog Farms

Finally, a premium blog commenting service that puts quality above all else!

Our blog commenting service rapidly builds permanent backlinks and targeted visitors from the highest ranking blogs in your niche.

If you're serious about promoting your website and want a partner you can trust, let Scriptalicious handle the work so you can focus on running your business.

Professional, effective, ethical link building services

We pride ourselves on quality. Our goal is to build legitimate, high quality backlinks and to represent your brand name in a reputable fashion.

We never spam, we never use bots, and we never use generated content. Every order is handled by a professional experienced in search marketing and writing.

When you order our blog commenting services, you're hiring a professional to hunt down targeted link opportunities and promote your website ethically.

What You Get

  • Permanent backlinks on the highest ranking websites in your niche
  • Real comments by talented US-based writers
  • 100% comment approval guaranteed
  • Comprehensive reports with blog stats & comment details

How It Works

When you order one of our blog commenting packages, we hunt down the highest ranking websites for your keywords, read every single blog post, and engage in the conversation. Every comment we leave has a permanent link to your website. We even verify every single comment and send you a full report.

We seek out the highest ranking blog posts for your target audience, and get engaged in the conversation. Every comment has a link back to your website, and you get permanent backlinks and targeted visitors.

The Process

  1. You place your order & provide website details, keywords & special requests
  2. We scour Google for the highest ranking blogs in your niche
  3. We read each blog post, and leave a well-written comment
  4. We verify approval of all blog comments
  5. You get a report on blog comments with the blog's URL, statistics, and copy of every comment.

Our Premium Blog Commenting Process

Every order is handled individually. When we get your order information, the first thing we do is review and scan for any recommendations or questions so that we can refine our research. As soon as we have your details squared away, we dig in and follow a four part process.

Blog Commenting Process

Step 1: Search

Using your keywords and website details, we find all of the highest ranking blogs that rank competitively for your niche in Google search. We build a comprehensive list of blog posts that support commenting and have top rankings for your keywords.

Step 2: Engage

Once we have a comprehensive list, it's time to get engaged. We read every single blog post, and leave a unique comment on each blog that adds to the conversation and engages other visitors. Blog commenting policies and guidelines are observed for every site. Every comment has a backlink to your website, and every post is naturally written and grammatically correct.

Step 3: Review

When we finish posting, we verify approval on every blog comment. If a comment isn't approved, we continue posting to our targeted list until every comment you ordered has been verified.

Step 4: Report

The final step is composing and approving the final report. Each report includes comprehensive details about every blog post and comment completed. You can verify all of the work completed and see all of the comments that were made.

Advantages of Premium Blog Commenting

Other companies offer blog commenting services, but what are you really getting for your money?

Many blog commenting services use automated commenting bots, pre-generated lists of blogs, and computer generated content. If you're lucky, an actual human might write your comments. You'll be hard pressed to see more than a one-liner though, let alone an engaging and well-written comment. Comments like this are the first to get deleted, and 50-100 backlinks will quickly become 5-10 backlinks when spam filters and blog moderators have their way.

In other words, you're just paying for someone to SPAM for you. Any marginal benefit to your search rankings or web traffic is offset by the damage to your brand name. Instead of confidently boosting your rankings and adding to your reputation, you leave a trail of spam across the web with your name on it.

Here at Scriptalicious, that is unacceptable.

When you invest in premium blog commenting from Scriptalicious, you are hiring a talented professional determined to boost your traffic and rankings. Your backlinks will show up on the best ranking websites, alongside comments engaging with other visitors. Our reports provide full accountability for the work completed, so you can focus on running your website instead of scouring blogs for link opportunities.

Our Guarantee

Place your order with Scriptalicious and rest assured that you have a trusted partner working hard to promote your website.

  • We read every blog post that we comment on. No skimming, and no generic replies.
  • We never use premade blog lists.
  • We never outsource your blog comments.
  • We write real, informative, well-researched comments.
  • Every comment is checked for approval.
  • We never post on our own blogs or websites (eg. blog farms).

Acceptance Guidelines

All sites are subject to approval. We can accomodate almost everyone, but the following sites are not eligible for our blog commenting services.

  • No adult related websites
  • No health/medical related websites
  • No illegal/warez sites or sites violating copyright
  • No websites which promote or link to any of the above

If you have any questions about approval please contact us before placing your order. If your website is not approved you will receive notification and a full refund, no questions asked.

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Package # of blog comments Backlinks Reports Delivery time Price Order
25 Blog Comments 25 25 1 5 days $125 Add to Cart
50 Blog Comments 50 50 2 10 days $235 Add to Cart
75 Blog Comments 75 75 3 15 days $345 Add to Cart
100 Blog Comments 100 100 4 20 days $450 Add to Cart
250 Blog Comments 250 250 10 30 days $1050 Add to Cart

Questions and Custom Requests

Do you have questions or special requests? Don't hesitate to contact us for a custom quote!

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