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Free SEO Tools

Backlink Builder

Automatically add thousands of backlinks to your website! Enter your URL and let our backlink builder tool submit your site to thousands of websites automatically.

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Backlink Rank Checker

Quickly find backlinks to your site and check the PageRank and Alexa ranking for each of your backlinks.

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Website Rank Checker

Check your website ranking instantly on multiple search engines. This tool fetches 12 important stats including PageRank, PageHeat, Alexa ranking, backlinks and other search analytics data. Works in real-time using AJAX to show results right away.

Website Rank Checker Tool »

Keyword Rank Checker

Check your website's current keyword ranking for multiple keywords. The importance of checking keyword position in search engines makes this one of the fundamental tools in the SEO toolkit. Checks positioning on major search engines in real-time.

Keyword Rank Checker Tool »

Keyword List Cleaner

Clean up keyword lists and remove duplicate content. Use our list cleaner tool to sort all of your keywords, organize a list of URLs, email lists, and other plaintext lists. Returns results immediately using our AJAX list cleaner tool.

Keyword List Cleaner Tool »

www Redirect Generator

Generate .htaccess code to redirect visitors from the www to non-www version of your domain, and vice versa.

www Redirect Generator »

Google+ Search

Search the Google+ network with our custom Google+ search tool!

Google+ Search »

Google+ Plus One Checker

Find out how many Google +1's there are for multiple websites.

Google+ Plus One Checker »

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Free Website Tools

Strip HTML Tags

An HTML tag remover tool that strips HTML tags from code, converting them to plain text. Useful to get rid of unwanted HTML tags when reusing website code.

Strip HTML Tags »

Convert Timestamp to Date

Convert a UNIX timestamp to a readable date format. The timestamp to date tool will convert a standard UNIX timestamp to a full human-readable date & time formatted string.

Convert Timestamp to Date »

Convert Date to Timestamp

Convert a string-formatted date to a UNIX timestamp. The date to timestamp tool will automatically convert a long text formatted date and time string to a UNIX timestamp.

Convert Date to Timestamp »

Word Count Tool

Count the number of words in your text quickly! A highly useful tool for writing content and quickly checking the word count for your articles and text.

Word Count Tool »

Text to HTML Tool

This simple but highly useful tool instantly converts plain text to HTML formatted code. Type or paste your articles, website text, blog posts, or other text and Text to HTML tool will generate HTML paragraph formatted code.

Text to HTML Tool »

Content Writing Tool

The content writing tool is invaluable for writing brief, regular articles or website text. It combines our word count and text to HTML tools into one simple interface. Very helpful for those doing content development!

Content Writing Tool »

Font Test Tool

This simple tool will display all of the major fonts so you can test how they render in your browser. Test various sized fonts on multiple platforms to determine how font settings look in your web design.

Font Test Tool »

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Free PageRank Tools

PageRank Checker

Check your website's PageRank on multiple Google datacenters.

PageRank Checker »

Multiple PageRank Checker

Check PageRank for multiple websites at the same time. Our multiple PageRank checker will check several pages at once and quickly return PR for each URL.

Multiple PageRank Checker »

Free PageRank Images

Display your PageRank on your website with an awesome graphical image using the free PageRank display tool from Scriptalicious.

Free PageRank Images »

Fake PageRank Checker

Sometimes people will attempt to "fake" their PageRank with tricks. The fake PageRank checker tool compares Google's cached version of a page to authenticate any website's PageRank!

Fake PageRank Checker »

PageRank Crawler

Check outgoing PageRank! This unique tool checks the PageRank of all outgoing links for a given webpage. A good way to see the overall PageRank of the website's you are linking.

PageRank Crawler »

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77 Advanced SEO Tools + powerful Admin CP for under $100.

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Backlink Rank Checker Backlink Rank Checker
Find all incoming backlinks with PageRank + Alexa.

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AJAX Rank Checker AJAX Multi Rank Checker
Check 12 important website and search stats in real-time using AJAX.

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PageRank Script Turnkey PageRank Script
A turnkey PageRank display tool, PageRank checker, multiple PR checker + FakeRank checker.

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Keyword Rank Checker Keyword Rank Checker
Instantly checks keyword position in top search engines. Real-time analysis using AJAX.

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List Cleaner Script List Cleaner Script
Clean keyword lists, URL lists, email lists instantly.

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