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Keyword List Cleaner & Duplicate Keyword Remover

Remove duplicate keywords, clean up keyword lists, URL lists & email lists.

Quickly clean up keyword lists and email lists with our free Keyword List Cleaner tool. Removes duplicate keywords and phrases from messy keyword lists, email lists or URL lists.

  • Free, quick duplicate keyword remover tool
  • Delete duplicate keywords and empty lines
  • Remove duplicate emails from email lists
  • Fast URL list and email list cleaner

Use the keyword list cleaner to clean up formatting, uppercase, lowercase, strip unwanted characters and alphabetize your list items - making them much easier to work with, analyze and find keywords buried in a huge list of items.

Keyword List Cleaner Script

List Cleaner Script

Get this tool for your own website with our turnkey List Cleaner Script.

1. Choose Your Settings

Remove duplicates
Remove blank lines
Sort alphabetically
Make alphanumeric
Make all uppercase
Make all lowercase
Extract valid emails only
Extract valid URLs only

2. Paste Your List Below

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