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www Redirect Generator

Generate .htaccess code for redirecting www to non-www

This tool generates .htaccess code to redirect www to non-www URLs, or to redirect visitors from the non-www to www version of your domain.

Our www Redirect Generator uses search engine friendly 301 redirects, and redirects both the top-level domain and all internal links.

  • Redirect www to non-www, or redirect non-www to www domains
  • Redirects all URLs, including subpages
    e.g. www.example.com/blog/somepage.html to example.com/blog/somepage.html

Just enter your domain name, select the type of redirect code you want, and then copy your code from the box below to the .htaccess file on your website.

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1. Select redirect type

Redirect www to non-www

Redirect non-www to www

2. Enter your domain name

Do not include www. Domain name only - e.g. example.com

3. Get your code

4. Copy the code to your .htaccess file

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